Zeno Page Builder vs Gempages - Which one should you choose?

Shopify page builder apps can make building pages for your store much easier. But with so many options available, it can be tough to decide which app is right for you. This post will compare two of the most popular Shopify page builders: Zeno and Gempages.

Introduction to Zeno and Gempages

Shopify users who want to change the look of their store can do so by picking a new theme. However, this offers limited ability to adjust the appearance and is also bound by what the new theme allows. If you want full control over how your store appears, you'll need to use a page builder app instead in order to build entirely custom pages.
Zeno Page Builder is a new page builder that is quickly growing in popularity and is well-known for being very easy to use. It offers tons of functionalities and is optimized for SEO. Moreover, it comes with a Library of high-converting templates which you can use to get started quickly.
Gempages Page Builder is a popular option that offers many of the same features as Zeno Page Builder. However, while Zeno's features are simple and preconfigured, Gempages' everything is customizable, which can be more advantageous but is also more complex to use.
Let's compare them in detail.

Platform supported

Both applications are available on the Shopify platform. However, if you wish to migrate to a different platform, can you continue to utilize the solution with which you are already familiar?

Zeno Page Builder

Even from its creation, Zeno was designed to be platform-independent by connecting to the eCommerce platform through a bridge module. By being able to integrate with any other platforms, not just Shopify, it helps updates and bug fixes go out faster while still maintaining cohesion throughout all platforms.
Currently, the app is available on Shopify App Store and BigCommerce App Marketplace. Overall, if you're currently using Shopify but considering a move to BigCommerce in the future, selecting Zeno Page Builder would be a sound choice.
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Gempages Page Builder

Gempages is only available on Shopify. If you want to use Gempages features on another platform, you have to start from the beginning and learn a new app altogether.
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Both page builders offer many of the same features, with a few key differences. The most important feature for any page builder is the page editor. Zeno and Gempages both have intuitive drag-and-drop editors that allow users to quickly build pages without worrying too much about the underlying code.

Zeno Page Builder

All Zeno elements are located in a single tab at the left sidebar. You can drag and drop the elements into the page.
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In the Settings tab, you will find a lot more options for the pages, like changing page info, page style, and SEO. It also have many built-in mini-apps like Currency converter, Facebook Messenger, Announcement bar, which you can use without the need of additional 3rd party apps. You can also enable Lazy loading, which helps load pages faster by deferring the loading of images until you scroll to them.
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Zeno was built with responsiveness in mind. You can change between Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile view and edit the page, so it would look perfect across all devices.
At the top, is the Library, where you can access all the premade sections and templates, which help build pages faster. You can also save a section, or the entire page to the Library to reuse it in other places.
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Gempages Page Builder

Gempages app layout is similar to Zeno, with all elements in the left sidebar.
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You can set up the site to display in 4 responsive modes: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile. Users have more control over how their pages are created responsively, but this might take longer as we must consider 4 different devices.
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Gempages has Global style feature, which allows users to create style preset to reuse in the elements.
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A plus for Gempages is, it has integration with many other apps. You can find elements to insert widgets of the other apps in the Library.
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Ease of using

Zeno has a clean and intuitive user interface. It minimizes the number of buttons and options. The app design is inspired by the quote "Simple is better than complex". So, you will find it much easier to use for daily page-building tasks.
But it does not mean it lacks functionalities. In fact, Zeno is one of the most flexible page builder apps. You can right-click on any elements to show the hidden menu for additional functionalities, edit element code, add page custom CSS, and a lot more.
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Gempages is a little more difficult to use than Zeno. You may be overwhelmed at first since the Editor exposes numerous buttons and options. Before you start building pages, it'll take some time for you to become accustomed to the program.
Let's compare the Animation feature of Gempages and Zeno.
In Gempages, to set animation for an element, you need to configure various settings.
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In Zeno, you can set the animation with a single click! The user interface is also much more intuitive.
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Zeno is very speedy. You will notice that opening the app and building pages are both very smooth processes.
Gempages is quite slow compared to Zeno. As the page grows, you will notice lags and delays while using Gempages.
Both applications generate page code, which is beneficial for SEO. Zeno's code, on the other hand, is more legible and less bloated with superfluous code.


If you're looking for a page builder that offers a free plan, Zeno is a great option. With the free plan, you can create one landing page and one blog post. However, if you need more features, the most popular plan is $29/month. This plan includes almost all of the features offered by Zeno.
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Gempages does not have a free plan. The paid plans of it are similar to Zeno. Gempages also has a more expensive plan which is for big brands.
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Customer support

If you need assistance with anything, both apps offer real-time chat support. Just tap on the live chat button in the app, and one of our customer service representatives will reach out to help you resolve your issue as soon as possible.
Being a more popular app, Gempages has many video tutorials available on Youtube, which is a big plus. Zeno, on the other hand, has fewer tutorials available, but it has an official help center where you can find answers to common questions and issues.


If you're looking for an easy-to-use page builder with lots of features, then Zeno is the better option. However, if you need integration with other apps or want more control over the page details, then Gempages is a good choice.
Zeno and Gempages are both excellent alternatives when it comes to drag-and-drop builders, integration, and a variety of options. The choice is a tie between Zeno and Gempages since they're both great choices. Take your time and make your decision based on your demands and preferences.
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